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Essência do Escorpião

Start all over!!!

Today I woke up wishing a new start... thinking “I wanna forget the past” and despite what happened earlier in the morning I still want the same thing, the past in the past. I’ve changed, I’m not the same person anymore, and some people seems don’t understand, but that’s ok, with time they’ll see too.

I am a fighter, a warrior! I always were. I won’t allow anything to push me down. I just thought that I had lost my faith. It’s hard to believe, I know… I’ve been having a hard time to believe too! It’s my biggest problem… I forgot how to believe in people, I forgot how to trust. But I believe in life, I believe in me! I know I can win this game. God will help me, I asked for it… I remembered… I have someone who can do anything for me… and the most important I’m not alone…

What you all should know about me is that I like changing. I change all the time… and you can expect anything from me at anytime. Sometimes I have something clear in mind and in the next minute everything could became confusing. But that’s who I am… like two persons in one. Right now nothing makes sense to me but I’ll figure out! I have to! I want to…


Music for today: “… I’m not calling for a second chance, I’m just screaming at the top of my voice, GIVE ME REASON, but don’t give choice… ‘Cos I’ll just to make the same mistake again…” Same Mistake – James Blunt

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